Eternal Dance - 44

Eternal Dance - 44" Personalized Mandala

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Activate your home with beauty, love, inspiration and intention with this Personalized Eternal Dance Mandala!

At 44" in diameter an one inch thick, this beautiful Mandala will become the focal point of any room. It's made up of eight layers of laser cut wood that are stained individually and then glued together to form the entire piece. 

This was a really fun piece to watch evolve as I designed it. As often happens when I make art, the layers of meaning reveal themselves to me through the process of creation.

I started with the initial inspiration of the Dragon and Tiger dancing within the Tao. This representation of Yin and Yang or Masculine and Feminine is one that my wife and I deeply resonate with, and so I wanted to make a Mandala for our home with them.

As I began designing, it became clear that the Gene Keys and I-Ching were going to be integrated as well, in a personal way. We started studying the Gene Keys last year and it’s shown itself to be an incredibly deep and powerful system for living your highest expression.

You’ll see there is a ring of 22 I-Ching hexagrams around the outside of the center - these symbols are personalized for each person who orders this mandala.

What I learned in designing this piece is that it’s a symbol and reflection of our highest expression for who we are in this life.

In the center is the Tao, the source of all that is. From the Tao springs forth the nature of Yin, symbolized by the Tiger, and Yang, the Dragon.

In the middle layer, these foundational Yin/Yang energies are transformed into our primary archetypal blueprints for this life, as symbolized in the pictures you see using our Gene Key hexagrams (which are based off of the I-Ching).

Finally, in the outer layer, our primary archetypes are then transformed and expressed through the outer layer, which is a triple helix, or a ring of DNA.

The energy travels from source in the center to the physical at the edge, and it also returns from the physical back into source - an Eternal Dance.

While I didn’t make this piece to sell it, after it was designed and I understood what it meant, I felt inspired to offer it for sale in a personalized way.

For those interested in having one of these in their home, I will personalize it with your Gene Keys and/or we can do a few I-Ching readings and include those hexagrams in your Mandala.

One way to use it is to then meditate while visualizing and feeling the mandala as every atom, molecule, and cell in your body.

If you’re curious to learn more feel free to contact me!

With love & intention,

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