Dream. Create. Inspire.

You are, always and forever, in the moment of pure creation. The point of life is therefore to create - who and what you are, and then to experience that.

— Neale Donald Walsch, "The Complete Conversations with God: An Uncommon Dialogue"

Whenever I get the common "so, what do you do?" question, my answer is "I'm a creator". I choose this because I believe it properly encompasses what I do, and really what we all do as human beings. We are always in the moment of creation - every word we say, thought we have and action we take creates reality as we know it, whether we're conscious of it or not.

One of my favorite ways to create is through design, specifically mechanical design. I've loved to play with my hands and make stuff for my entire life. It was at Burning Man 2015, when I was leading the build for a 20x20x20 foot steel jungle gym that I designed for my camp, that I came up with the mantra:

"Dream. Create. Inspire."

We dream up ideas, some of them crazy, some pretty unexciting, but some resonate enough to turn into action - creation. It is through creation that we directly influence the reality of everyone around us. Through the influence of our creation, we inspire others to dream up ideas and hopefully turn those ideas into action - and so the process repeats.

It was through the "Dream. Create. Inspire." mantra that I developed a better understanding of the importance of following your heart with infinite courage. Following your heart will often lead you into uncharted territory, which can be frightening, but is often necessary for true growth. This growth is crucial not just for you, but for everyone, because when you follow your heart and turn your dreams into reality, you give others that may not know how to break out of the mold permission to do the same. This creates a cycle that will eventually raise the level of the collective consciousness, and this is a large part of why I always strive to follow MY heart with infinite courage.

With this in mind, I created Activated Art to share my own inspirations and creations with all who resonate with them. Every piece is made to send beauty, love, and inspiration out into the world and inspire others to pursue their passions and let their light shine for all to see.

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