Your Intention Today Creates Your World Tomorrow

One question I often get is: What inspires me to incorporate geometry into these mandalas the way that I do?

Well, every physical form in nature follows some type of geometry. Geometry informs the characteristics of different elements, as well as how they connect and relate to each other.

Personally, when I see beautiful geometric patterns, I’m often reminded of the natural interconnectedness and interdependence between all forms of life, and especially between all of us as human beings.

To me, Activated Art isn’t just about visual aesthetics - I see and experience these mandalas as geometric channels that can help us connect more deeply to ourselves, our community, and our purpose in life.

However, your mandala won't do this by itself. To truly experience Activated Art, you'll need to put your own intention into it.

If you'd like to activate your piece, my fiance, Gigi Azmy, has created a lovely guided meditation that you can listen to below.